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Enhancing your outdoor lighting can boost security, increase your home's curb appeal, and elevate its overall value, breathing new life into poorly lit areas long after the sun has set. If you're considering an upgrade, our team at CM Electric, Inc. is here to design a landscape lighting system tailored to your preferences and lighting needs, all in compliance with regulatory standards.

At CM Electric, Inc., we specialize in a comprehensive suite of landscape lighting installation solutions. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle installations of any scale, prioritizing safety, precision, and adherence to all legal requirements. Our experienced electricians will ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience, transforming your outdoor area into a beautifully illuminated space.

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CM Electric’s Outdoor Lighting Options

For our friends in Northbrook and surrounding areas, we offer the following outdoor lighting options.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting acts as a transformative feature that elevates both the aesthetics and utility of outdoor areas, providing the perfect touch to enhance any property. Whether casting light on a small, quaint backyard or a vast estate, landscape lighting offers customizable options to fit spaces of any dimension. It accentuates your home's architectural details and the natural charm of its environment.

Motion Lighting

Our skilled electricians are proficient in setting up motion sensor lights that employ infrared (IR) technology. Much like an alarm system, these lights can be utilized to monitor movement across various parts of your property.

Low-voltage Lighting

Low-voltage LED lighting offers energy efficiency, enhanced safety, and great versatility. Our certified technicians are on hand to assist you in selecting the appropriate options for your requirements, including both indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. We provide support with installation, repair, and ongoing maintenance.

Security Lighting

Our expertise also extends to installing security lighting for various property designs and configurations. Security lights act not only as a deterrent to prospective intruders but also enhance visibility around your premises at night. Through strategic planning and execution of a lighting scheme that takes into account the distinct features of every property, both homeowners and businesses can foster a safer and more inviting atmosphere.


Looking for additional lighting in your yard, parking lot, or commercial space? We're here to help install high-wattage floodlight systems on any landscape or structural framework.

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CM Electric, Inc. - Your Trusted Experts for Landscape Lighting in Northbrook

Our committed team at CM Electric, Inc. is passionately focused on meeting all facets of your landscape lighting needs, guaranteeing that your setup is both visually attractive and in strict adherence to local, state, and federal standards.

With more than 20 years in the field, CM Electric, Inc. represents a pillar of dependability and proficiency in a broad range of electrical services. This includes both residential and commercial lighting systems, particularly specializing in outdoor landscape lighting solutions.

Our team of certified and expert electricians offers round-the-clock support, ensuring 24/7 availability to address your lighting requirements swiftly and effectively, delivering both peace of mind and complete satisfaction.

We encourage you to act now - contact us today to arrange for CM Electric, Inc.'s landscape lighting services in Northbrook and beyond.

Northbrook Landscape Lighting
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