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Installing a backup generator

Need help sourcing and installing a backup generator? Our team of technicians here at CM Electric Inc. has been installing generators for various properties in the area for over a decade.If you’re new to the world of backup generators, we’re happy to walk you through the benefits as well as the various types of products available on the market.

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A backup generator is an independent power source which supplements your primary circuit. It is powered by a different fuel source, such as natural gas. If your primary power line fails, the generator will detect the outage and take over.

Having backup power allows you to maintain a steady and reliable source of energy, enabling your property to remain operational for an extended period. In turn, you will have time to do more. Backup power is a smart investment because it will:

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Generator FAQs

1What is a backup generator?
Welcome to the world of generators! A backup generator is an independent power source that supplements your primary supply. It keeps electrical appliances such as laptops and air-conditioning running during pesky power cuts.
2How does it work?
When your electric utility fails, for whatever reason, these powerful machines can detect the outage and step in to supply electric power. They can provide backup power to your entire property or just the essential areas and electronics – you decide. They are no-nonsense tools used across the board, including residential homes, heavy-duty factories, and construction worksites. Ultimately, backup generators are lifesavers during load shedding or unexpected power outages.
3Standby vs. backup generator?
A standby generator is a permanently installed fixture, much like a central air-conditioning system. It has an engine that usually runs on natural gas or propane. A backup generator is a small, petrol-engine generator that you can position where you need it using heavy-duty extension cords to connect it to electrical loads.
4What are the benefits of standby generators?
Having one of these power-producing machines to backup your primary power source allows you to maintain a steady and reliable source of energy so that your day-to-day operations can continue. Installing a backup power is a smart investment because it:
  • Provides peace of mind during unexpected outages and other household emergencies.
  • Keeps your current electrical systems running smoothly, preventing wear and tear.
  • Increases the value of your home or commercial property.
5Do you need an electrician to set up a standby generator?
Yes. A licensed electrician will have the necessary experience to connect the system and wire the switches correctly. Incorrect wiring could lead to problems in the long run and can be dangerous if left unfixed.

Backup generator service

At CM Electric, Inc., we have helped many households of Chicagoland area by installing backup generators. We have the necessary training and experience to help you find the right equipment best suited to your budget.

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