Expert EV Charging Station Installation in Glenview

The rising popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) is undeniable, thanks to their numerous advantages over traditional vehicles. These modern, noiseless, and dependable cars, such as Teslas, significantly reduce pollution by approximately 75% when compared to vehicles powered by gasoline, while also offering enhanced safety, performance, and functionality.

Nevertheless, the shift towards electric vehicles brings with it a crucial requirement for EV charging infrastructure. The convenience of having a dedicated EV charging station at your residence or workplace cannot be overstated, ensuring your vehicle is always charged and ready for your next journey.

Are you looking to set up an EV charging station for your home or business in Glenview? If you are, look no further! At CM Electric, Inc. Our skilled electricians possess the necessary expertise to seamlessly integrate EV charging solutions into both residential and commercial settings.

#1 Specialists in EV Charging Station Installation

CM Electric Inc. is dedicated to providing accessible, professional, and customer-focused electrical services at competitive prices. As authorized Tesla electrical contractors, we specialize in the installation of premier Tesla EV charging stations for individuals, families, and businesses throughout the North Shore and Chicago areas.

Understanding that the majority of electric vehicle charging takes place at home or the office, our goal is to simplify the charging process for you. Our offerings include the supply and installation of both residential and commercial charging stations at your preferred location. Furthermore, we partner with manufacturers known for their extensive warranty services on products and components.

The installation of your charging station demands expert technical knowledge and certification. Our team is comprised of licensed electricians who are highly trained and experienced in executing various electric vehicle charging station installation projects.

We oversee the entire process, starting from the preliminary evaluation, through the procurement of necessary parts, to the eventual setup of an ideal charging solution tailored to your specifications.

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EV Charging Station Levels – Basics You Should Know

Level 1 Charging

The 120-volt Level 1 Electric Vehicle Charger is also known as “trickle charging.” It operates using a standard household electrical outlet, drawing power in a manner akin to typical home appliances. Manufacturers of plug-in vehicles commonly provide a Level 1 charger with their vehicles, enabling you to start charging your vehicle immediately without any alterations to your home’s electrical setup.

However, an important metric to consider is the Range per Hour (RPH). A Level 1 charger provides roughly 3-5 miles of range for every hour of charging. It will usually take around 16 hours to charge a battery up to 80% capacity.

Level 2 Charging

The 240-volt Electric Vehicle Charger stands out as the preferred and most efficient option available. Renowned for its rapid charging capabilities, it charges up to 6 times faster than a Level 1 charger. A Level 2 charger can provide about 20-60 miles of range per hour, enabling up to an 80% battery recharge in merely 3.5 hours.

Level 2 chargers are ideal for residential, office, and various public settings, including train stations, shopping centers, and more, offering a convenient and quick charging solution.

Level 3 Charging

Level 3 provides a 400-volt to 900-volt charge and is referred to as DC Fast Charging. It is the quickest way to replenish your electric vehicle’s battery. Unlike the AC (Alternating Current) utilized by Level 1 and 2 chargers, Level 3 charging operates on DC (Direct Current) with a substantially higher voltage. Typically, a Level 3 Charger operating above 480V can achieve an 80% charge in just about 30 minutes.

Due to their high power requirements, Level 3 Chargers are more costly to install, often exceeding the price of the EV itself, making them more suitable for commercial settings rather than personal use. These chargers are predominantly located in public areas.

Before any EV charger installation, one of our qualified electricians will evaluate your electrical system to ensure it can handle the desired charging speed. We’re equipped to upgrade your electrical panel as part of the installation service if necessary.

CM Electric takes pride in being a Tesla-certified electrician for installing Tesla Wall Connectors. Beyond Tesla Wall Chargers, we also provide installation services for NEMA 14-50 and NEMA 6-50 outlets.

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Level 2 EV Charging Solutions for Residential and Commercial Use

Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations are ideally suited for the majority of residential and commercial settings. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, utilizing an electric vehicle with a Level 2 charger supports environmental sustainability and offers the benefit of significantly reduced charging times.

Opting for a Level 2 EV Charging Station at your home or business enables charging speeds up to 6 times quicker than what you’d experience with a Level 1 charger. These high-efficiency chargers can deliver between 12 to 80 miles of driving range per hour of charge, depending on your home’s electrical capacity and your vehicle’s charging capabilities.

Moreover, these charging systems are designed to optimize energy usage, allowing for cost-effective charging during off-peak hours. This means you can confidently charge your EV while you’re busy at work or relaxing at home, ensuring you return to a fully charged vehicle in just a short period.

CM Electric’s Installation Process Explained

Our installation procedure typically involves three distinct phases to ensure flexibility and efficiency.

Step 1 – Evaluation and Engineering

The initial step involves evaluating your specific requirements to identify your most suitable charging level. We conduct a thorough review of the power supply in your home or business and then outline the available charging solutions.

Step 2 – Design and Permit Acquisition

After determining your needs in Step 1, we collaborate with you to finalize the choice of charging level and type that best aligns with your usage expectations. We then proceed to secure the necessary permits, taking into account the specific charging level, type, and design you’ve selected.

Step 3 – Implementing and Finalizing

In the final phase, our skilled team manages the entire installation process and the subsequent setup of your charging station. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch craftsmanship and superior customer support, ensuring your charging station is efficiently operational for either residential or commercial use.

Trusted Solutions for EV Charging in Glenview

At CM Electric Inc., we prioritize working closely with our clients to ensure quick and efficient installation services for both residential and commercial properties. Our dedicated in-house team is adept at managing the entire installation process from start to finish, seamlessly and effectively.

From the preliminary assessment and engineering phase to planning, obtaining permits, installing, and ultimately commissioning your system, CM Electric, Inc. guarantees a hassle-free experience throughout.

We cater to a wide range of properties, including homes, residential complexes, workplaces, hotels, restaurants, parking facilities, shopping centers, and more.

Contact us today to discuss setting up an EV charging station at your residential or commercial location, or for any other electrical service needs. Our knowledgeable team is ready to provide answers to all your queries.

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